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A Fala É Dela

   The Collective A Fala é Delas is a feminist collective of the School of Engineering of the Fluminense Federal University of which I was part of and it aims to fight for equality, respect and feminine representation within the university. Furthermore, we were there to listen and give voice to those who need it, in addition to providing any kind of support for students, teachers, administrative techniques or outsourced workers.

   My job, besides participating as an active member in the organization of projects, was to do all visual communication and arts.​​​​​​​ My first task was to update the logo and the visual identity by creating a manual.



foto perfil afed.jpg

Social media profile picture

Manual AFED-04_edited.jpg

Brand colors

We made commemorative posts on our facebook page of important dates and historical moments.

cartaz representatividade negra a3.jpg
evento face representatvidade negra.jpg

This work was the elaboration of a poster and consequently of a cover for the event of facebook of an event together with another collective of the university on the representative feminine and colored people in the spaces.

cervejada afed.jpg

This work was the development of a cover for event and image to publicize the party of fraternization of beginning of university semester organized by the collective.

Carnaval afed.jpg

This work was the elaboration of an art for an informative campaign on the safety of women during carnival in Rio de Janeiro, a time well known for many physical abuse in public spaces.


This work was the elaboration of an interactive virtual art to be divulged in which women could click on the hyperlinks and be redirected to the respective information. He was directed to the freshmen so they would have all the necessary information about their safety, places they can access, and WhatsApp groups that might be relevant.

Video recorded and edited by me, made for the commemoration of the university initial hazing of the beginning of the first half of 2018. Music by the band COIN

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