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Breastfeeding Pad

   We have developed a re-design of the traditional breastfeeding pads. For the realization of the project was taken into consideration the whole survey of necessary problems and the project considers both the ergonomics of the woman and the delicacies and care of the baby.
   It was noticed in the research that the large size of the traditional cushion was not practical for mothers whenever they needed to move with more agility.

Mom testing product with 4 month old baby


   The product consists of a cushion, a zippered cover with a lycra band and a long Velcro closure to perfectly fit different body types. 

   To test the product we look for two women of different sizes and two babies of different sizes to verify the compatibility of our product with both the different types of women and so that the product could walk along with the development of the child.

  There was also testing how easy would be for the mother to wear the product without help.

Product rendering


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