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Lambe: The Female Condom

This was my bachelor final project, and it started at a pub table. "How do lesbian women prevent from STIs?" I asked, "We cut open a condom for men and stretch it over the vulva," replied a friend of mine. Indeed that is no product on the market made with the propose of protecting woman during oral sex.

There was many limitations in terms of developing a good physical prototype, so the focus of this project was to collect information and generate Data in the context of female sexuality in order to understand which aspects play a role in this scenario. My research was divided into health, sexual and reproductive rights, market analysis of condoms, experiences of Brazilian women and Innovation management.

The goal of the project was to help women protect their health and prevent infections. Furthermore, it enables women to be in control of their own bodies and guarantees the social inclusion and respect they are entitled to, without resorting to improvisations. Was designed a product that was supposed to be a more complete product that could be used in a larger range of sexual activities.

Virtual model

colocando 2.png
colocando 3.png

Product idea

colocando 4.png
colocando 5.png

Placing the product

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