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   The product was created by me to promote women's care during the treatment of menstrual cramps. It's an anatomical thermal bag and ergonomically targeted for the relief of menstrual cramps.
   The proposal was to guarantee the movement of women without restriction, to ensure that the product was fixed to the woman's body in a stable manner, to be easy to handle, to generate autonomy, to bring comfort, and to function as an efficient treatment.


--------This project was selected for prototype presentation at the 13 ° R & D Design congress (Joinville - Brazil)--------

First mock up
Visual Identity and Market

        With the inicial success, Canguru became a brand and I developed graphic material. When I started the brand I was on my last semester of University working on my thesis. I didn't have much time, or money to put into Canguru so the development was very slow. I did all myself: I worked on Instagram to promote the brand with different types of posts, sold it online, manufactured and delivered it. After I saw that the product had a good feedback and the costumers were getting more interested on the product I finished developing the visual identity. Before that the process was more intuitive.

Ativo 5.png
Ativo 6.png

Brand colors


Instagram posts

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